Thiết kế - Chụp ảnh cửa hàng Bread Factory Việt Nam

Thiết kế - Chụp ảnh cửa hàng Bread Factory Việt Nam

 Bread Factory would give you the feeling of happiness when enjoying a delicious fresh bread, a good cup of coffee, a slice of sweet cake, or simply when emotion is carried away in a romantic dreamy place.
To work on that inspiration, we help Bread Factory create images of Drinks that are not only delicious, but also pleasing to eyes. And what’s welcomed is that experience which Bread Factory team wants to introduce to their customers for a Summer Cool Drink day out, also the mood & tone that ARTIO MEDIA team brings to the photos.
We use a bright, simple and neutral background, which create delicate vibe of how peaceful, sunny mornings in 2020 style give. Plus, the wide variety of brunch treats at brands become more stunning in that morden simple background.

Artist: Hoang Long
Stylist: Ha Phuong



Trong hình ảnh có thể có: trong nhà

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: mọi người đang ngồi, bàn và trong nhà

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